Paradox, Elucidated

Paradox, Elucidated

One makes the assumption that two entities are separate, the immovable object and the unstoppable force. Both entities are immovable and unstoppable, by virtue of their singular capability; furthermore, there is no both, there is but one.

Love is unbreakable, unstoppable

Not the sword or the shield, but both

Not the fox or the hound, but both

The rock and the wind together.

Not creation and destruction, but transference

The energy of love travels and transforms and builds and destroys

Love does and is all

Love is action and inaction, creation and destruction

And most of all


Love teaches and teases and tortures and tends

Inanimate, intangible

Love’s corporeal effects on body and mind

Measurable with numbers

Immeasurable, unquantifiable in words

And yet we try.

Epic love drives epic pain and one surrounds the other

Is consumed, and then reborn

Teumessian fox and the hound Laelaps,

Static stars, or are they?

When Zeus realized his mistake,

He created another, as stars are not static by the very nature of the beasts

The energy in stars is the energy of love, one and the same

Always changing, born, reborn, reborn again

We are all stardust

Those who feel love’s flip side stronger


Send love’s destructive energy through the world

Without the light and logic

The yin and yang

The balance shifted, the pendulum swings

Overswings, overcompensates, as it always does

Energy is neither created or destroyed, only transferred

Love is hate is love, each side of the pendulum

There are those lacking balance, those broken and who

Cannot connote each side

The pendulum base is built off kilter

They feed off hatred, even happy, cheerful

Only in misery

Disturbing the universal balance, and so must be transferred

To feed the Reaping force

The harbingers of peace when Earth’s spinning slows at last

Time is man-made, relative to all physical forces, those relative to each other

Infinite as the universe and its mates are infinite

No artificial markers, no start or finish

The Reapers see and feel the depth of human pain and love

And restore the balance of the planet, as their creation in imbalance

Calms the pendulum sway

As the mother loves her inmate child

As a lover saves her heart

As a son may leave his father soon

None can drive apart

Unstoppable force, immoveable object

The fox and hound alive

Together, flaming, moving

Love cannot be overpowered, halted

Permanently altered

T’is not the nature of the force

It dominates all energies

Universal shield and sword.