31 Short Horrors!

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This collection is the result of three years of agony and ecstasy and all the laughs and tears in between. I really hope you check it out because I worked my bazoombas off to put it together for you. Honest to gawd, 31 complete works in one spot? For free?

I’m a giver, that’s what I do.

final cover


Tentacles (a #31ShortHorrors special selection)

Darkness surrounds her

Fog swims in her ears

See flailing, flayed open thoughts

Tentacles sliced top to tip

Writhing and thrashing

Gelatinous overflow blurs thin jagged borders

Slimy trails of entrails

A broom a mop a sharp edge

Flip and flop and gather and miss

And the edges slide under

Rolling slithering slime escapes and

Covers, darkens the cold cement

Frantically, panicking limbs try to scoop

And a mouth sucks and slurps but the

Entrails spilt from filleted tentacles

Squirt and slide and roll away

A dark trail of sick leading away in a web

Catching touching grinning licking

The fishnet of horror bleeds away from the center

Contaminates, cuts the darkness

Shrieks of crimson strike bolts of ice and

The gentle fog drops sharp as hail

Tentacles dry up, wind up, curl tight, thin, empty

Skins await the growth and bubbling expansion

Of another metastatic matched set of agonies and fears

And the wheel spins and the moon rises

And again she hopes to cleanse another year.

Copyright 2017 Shannon Cooper


Aroma and depth draw my breath

the morning windows sprinkled in lustre and copper aspen leaves

silken clouds wandering the heavens like a lost child

impatient and wild, riled yet beguiled

and do not ask me to halt this moment

when moments are treasures and pleasures in overwhelming haze

a mist, a mist of time, a dream of graces 

where roe deer amble in forest spaces 

My pockets full, my shoes inspired

to carry these limbs to rocky spires

the love of worlds born in these places 

no quandaries no lust of sapphire and diamonds

just the spring waters untroubled by hands and hostility

through vivacious ferns the powdered breeze whistles

serenading the dance of the bonniest thistle

the trail of heather whispering and awesome

ne'r bereft of vibrant blossom

And i straddle these peaks and variant landscapes

eyes set down upon a world gone mad

its captivation cemented in its own dereliction

a world without honour, a world steeped in hate

a cauldron boiling over 

a soup of disdain

roll it into a ball, roll it away

man’s destiny dressed and disguised by its own demise 

nor the prescience of mind but the ignorance of shackles 

and the echoes of death fading to crackles

for all that they know is not what they know

so how can they grow, how can they grow

The blackbird sings to me 

awakening me from my tempest of human shame

for i have lingered in a world of senseless crowds

and one night stands and crumbled shrouds

i have seen the dark i’ve heard the bell

toll for me 

the wheel of lucifer roll to me

i am for all i am and all i can ever be

the pillars of life now my branches 

my trees

if i should meet the sound of the morning once more

then i am a flower in sunlight

i am home 

Copyright 2017, Robert Taylor, @ClanRobTaylor

Help Wanted

I ask for help

I ask for exactly what I need

When I need it

The way I need it

I need help.

Take turns: scolding the need, mocking the need, ignoring the need.


The need grows even when ignored. Especially when ignored.

Feed me, Seymour, the need demands

The need grows larger, rounder, hungrier, louder.

The need distracts digests dissects decimates


It can’t have more than ten

I must have the other ninety

I have kids to feed, need.


You don’t get more than you deserve

No one does

You get what anyone gets, Bernie.*

Exactly what they deserve.

Nothing more or less or even or odd.

Just what you deserve.

I deserve.

Just desserts.

Pie à la mode.

But I’d like the pie heated, and I don’t want the ice cream on top. I want it on the side, and I’d like strawberry instead of vanilla if you have it. If not, then no ice cream, just whipped cream, but only if it’s real. If it’s out of the can, then nothing.**

 No, need. You cannot out-high-maintenance me. You don’t deserve it.


Copyright 2017 Shannon Cooper

*Quote from The Sandman graphic novel, Neil Gaiman, author.

**Quote from When Harry Met Sally, film. Nora Ephron, writer

Save Me

Save me break me need me lead me

You cannot see my eyes

You cannot see my cries

You cannot see these ties


Love me take me beat me reap me

You will not hear more lies

You will not hear more cries

You will not hear us fly


Trust me hear me see me feel me

I cannot share my fears

I cannot share my jeers

I cannot map these final steps of we three buccaneers


My map is hidden from you

Too profound for you to dig


This plan I cannot give you

Can’t believe you will forgive


My mind the tornado

Coordinates are lost


Directions to and fro are only

Obtained at my long cost


These open grounds a fireplace

Gas stove open floor plan ours


But I can’t give it up because

To you, not real, but sour


I can’t give you myself, my own self

To thine own be true

I’m making progress but til I land

Edinburgh due

I cast my lot, my chance, my heart

To my dear love I’m true

But please hear me see me feel me

My own love, all us, for you.

copyright 2017 Shannon Cooper

ETA: I received a heap of derision and criticism on this piece when it was first published. In response, I deleted it. Then I thought, nah, fuck that, nobody gets to tell ME what and how I write. Anway. Hope you enjoyed that tiny backstory.

The Password is


up the path, words taken back, habits reattached.


up the scroll, heart on the toll, paid in full.


just an internet person, not a real person, not anymore.


a previous window, a former format, an erstwhile conversation.


Hope floated, mistakes gloated, egos bloated.


Just as far as hope.

Dip into the seafoam and try to trap the bubbles in the webbing of my thumb.


to be kind. to find time. to hold hope.be kind rewind

Darkness Falls

Darkness falls

It always falls

Heavy on the house the lawn the car the kids the cook

Same time same way same shit each day

What’d ya do where’d ya go who’d ya see?

Where ya been who’s that who they?

That’s all you did you coulda done more

The walls the dishes the laundry the floor

Five years it’s been a hole

And you pathetic unemployed whore

Writing trash that no one reads

No one cares what no one sees

Darkness falls and darkness falls and darkness falls again

The end of day the end of light the end of life again

you wanna teach you wanna learn you can’t do

what you spent years to learn

you decided even tried it you almost died

but you didn’t



why can’t you

why can’t you just

do the goddamn thing you

went to school to learn you’re a waste

a drain a toilet sewer

you think you need more school

for what?

To teach retards?

Who needs school for that?

Just go to work and shove the kids in daycare

All my friends do

They have money golden honey decent houses

What do you do?

Follow dreams and golden fleece and bullshit no one needs

Your pills and booze and artist drools

Nobody gives a shit

Why do you give a shit

Because my dreams don’t die?

Because I try and fail and try and try

To keep sanity alive?

I make bad art I make good art I make art to survive

I’m just the cook I’m the nanny

Chauffeur for the drive

I shame you blame you hear but hate you

You’re not the judge of me

The cook does not require your assistance for this fire

The chauffeur needs not your input

For changing all four tires

Darkness falls and darkness falls and darkness falls again

Another night another sigh judging cook therein

Kiss my ass I dare you motherfucker

Need you not

I love you not

No affection left in me

You cannot bring yourself

To look me in the eye

Leave me leave us we don’t need you

All we need is light.