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Someone just sent me this video and it’s supposedly the way that lemurs sunbathe because it feels good that they lean back and spread their junk out so they can soak it all up everywhere. But personally, I think these lemurs … Continue reading →

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Valid Point (a #31ShortHorrors tale)

I made a valid point

but still he cannot see

how or why it hurts to see him blur

lines effortlessly

I made a valid point

couldn’t cut through the defence

granite pillars too thick and strong

for flying my sentence

I made a valid point

one he had made before

and I’d adjusted all my tethers

on my demons at the door

I made a valid point

but he refused to listen

it’s all my fault I am too weak, too pitiful to reason

I made a valid point

I kept my head on straight

but all my logic and frail words

were turned back at the gate.

He refused to listen

the gander over goose

and now my demons run amok

with hatchets and a noose

I made a valid point

but it fell on emptiness

down the darkest of black holes

and I am the abyss.

Milky Sprite! (A Rather Unusual Fable)


Chapter 1


 Hello, my name is Anthony, and usually I would give you all the background to this story, right…? Wrong. Because Jack and the Beanstalk is sooooooo famous, I decided I will start you from where I want to.


Chapter 2

Meet Milky Sprite!


“Man, I wish I could have gone on an adventure too!” Milky White thought.

Milky White had just been sold back to Jack’s family, and Jack had told her about his adventure versus the humongous giant. [1]

And since Milky White wasn’t giving the family any milk, they settled on a different name, Milky Sprite. They changed White to Sprite because she started taking a diet. Every meal is Sprite, that’s right, all she did was drink soda. But soon enough she got tired of being left out.

[1] Somehow Milky White/Sprite understood English, from the diet she started taking.

Chapter 3

Watch Out Jack!


“FEE FI FO FUM I WILL GET THAT OLD CHUM, THEN I SHALL BOAST AND PUT HIM ON ROAST!” yelled the (Ahhhhhhhhh!) giant’s brother.

“Jack, how do we fix thisssssssss?” Jack’s mom yelled. “Our farm has been destroyed!” she yelled again.

There it was, Milky Sprite, running (or what looked to be running because of all the calories she had from all that Sprite she drank), she hit the giant as hard as she could, before Jack got to respond to his mother. Jack and his mother celebrated, and they would not get threatened for the rest of their lives.

Lesson: A cow that doesn’t give milk can be useful in other ways!

 The End