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If your eyes are tired and need a break, you might have a listen to a podcast I partake in, Razzamataz Radio. It’s a fun weekly variety show on Thursday mornings at 10:30 est. We feature new and old music, comedy sketches, poetry, books, and art.

Our Poets’ Corner needs POETS! If you have material you’d like to share, please hit me up here, @IncendiaryKitty, or @RazzamatazRadio! All copyrights remain with the contributors.

We would love to feature your new original music too – with or without an interview! If you have demos or finished material to share, please ping us!

Each week I do a segment called the Incendiary Book Nook. We talk all manner of written words (writing, books, comics, anything really) and we interview writers, signed and unsigned, published and unpublished.

This week’s special guest is Jessa Kent! She tells us about fanfiction in general and her specific process for writing it. She’s a hotwired ball of fire and so much fun to listen to!

So please check us out, and if you would like to participate in the Incendiary Book Nook or Poets’ Corner, or submit your music, hit me up through the links above! We love reading new writers and material that doesn’t fit into a nice “box,” and we love to bring new artists and material to the big wide world!


Incendiary Kitty



Well, hello, you.

This is a strange blog for strange people. Most of the content here is fictional; some of it is uncomfortable, controversial, and experimental. Once in a while, comical.

In preparation for November’s NaNoWriMo, I started a project called #31ShortHorrors. The idea was to write a short piece for each day in October, and as life happens, I have fallen behind. However, you, dear reader, can see these wee tales right here as they are birthed from the swampy tangled vines of my brain, and comment/share to your little heart’s content.

In the About link of this blog, there’s a link to my Smashwords site – all of that content is free (for now), because I like to create and destroy things, sure, but also? I’ve a giver.

A memo from the Comments Department: Don’t be a dick.

Feel free to nose around, bat the links a bit. Please ping me with broken links or buttons that lead to nowhere and I will address those asap.

Are you ready to get weird?