My fellow white Americans. — I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog

These are images from Charlottesville, Virginia last night. These are white people in their twenties and thirties. Like me. These are people who are in my generation, the millennial generation, the one frequently lambasted for “participation trophies” and “needing safe spaces.” These are people that look like my coworkers, my colleagues, my brothers, my cousins. […]

via My fellow white Americans. — I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This Blog

I Haz A Sad


I am working on a novel that is a splinter, a spin-off, from a previous series. Minor characters from the series are the major players in this work.

I fucked up.

I mentioned in the series, how these people met. It’s kinda integral to part of that story. However, when I started work on this novel, I magically forgot how they met, and I had them meet in a better, more adorable way.


Shit shit shit. I annoy myself no end. Gahhhhhh.

Dead Leaves Teaser #4!

Happy Weekend, Babydolls! Dead Leaves is available for pre-order HERE (out on Tues July 18!), and in honor of Saturday, here is a lil breakie for you! (Don’t worry, these people are hungover too.)


Meg, Luka, and three cats laid low in a stuffy studio apartment in a dirty sub-town of Boston, staring out the windows. The biggest cat pawed at the grimy glass, her fat fuzzy bottom barely balanced on the light blue, paint-chipped windowsill. A siren yelped briefly and breaks squealed a reply. Meg stubbed out a cigarette on the opening of a beer can and dropped the butt inside. She stretched a skinny, bare leg off the couch and arched, then flexed her foot. It was pale and blue veins popped up and receded with its movement. Her eyes closed again.

The clock on the VCR blinked in time to the swishing of the kitten’s tail.

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