It’s Sexy Time!

HEY! It’s not ALL weird tentacles and sassy aardvarks and Trump taking it in the ear, yanno. There’s also the Burn the World trilogy. Available now at the risk-free price of zero buckaroos. I’m all about the giving, sweeties.


This is erotica, friends. There are, at present count, two unplanned but very welcomed babies in the world thanks to my sex scenes.

Try’em, ya might like’em.

As always, packaged with a lovely, no-tell bookcover so if someone gets into your tablet/kindle/ipad, no eyebrows will be raised.

Of course, if you’re really in the mood for seeing Trump take it in the ear, sassy aardvarks, revenge gone wild, ghost stories, epic poetry, or anthropomorphic PETS, I got you covered.




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