Rising Tide


Come to me on the rising tide

Mother Moon, lead the way

Silver foam pointing home

A fortnight, as you say


Come to me on the rising tide

Father Sun, pull the strings

Crashing waves in my ears

Warm touch upon my skin


Come to me on the rising tide

A scene in my mind’s eye

Westward flight

Over night

They spoke to me in kind


Old child, within the rising tide

Is this the love you seek?

Look to the waves, into the dark

Is this your true peace?


The Moon spoke through the rising tide

Whispers in the foam

Follow the dunes, follow your heart

Time to forge a home of your own.


The Sun spoke over the rising tide

Caressed her arms with warmth

Live life now with a new child’s eyes

Write through the pain you’ve borne.


Whitecaps crashed on the rising tide

A fortnight passed in her mind

A vision of paper and pen in the night

Her heart poured forth all its time.


As any hope comes on the rising tide

As any peace rings in an ear

Few years remained for living her life

And fewer left living in fear.


She gazed across the rising tide

Ocean mist dusted her ears,

Her ankles, her legs, up to her hips

The rising tide swallowed her tears.

Copyright 2017 Shannon Cooper


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