Dead Leaves Teaser #3!

Hello, darlings.

Dead Leaves drops TUESDAY July 18! You can pre-order HERE!

Swallow whatcha got, babes. This teaser is a mouthful!


The house was silent except for the tick tock of the cheap white plastic clock on the kitchen wall. Dust danced in the beams streaming in through the kitchen window. A rustle on the breeze brought the occasional scrabble of squirrels in the backyard woods inside. The clock kept ticking.

Seven in the morning.

Three hours to go.

A zipper zipped, a snap snapped, leather scratched a table. A hollow door clicked shut. The garage door creaked and shrieked upward. A black Prius backed down the driveway with just the tin whine of its battery.

The clock ticked.

Fluorescent lights buzzed in between bursts of a power drill. A clerk smiled with big white teeth above a tight brown goatee. Thick arms enclosed a shopper’s arms and demonstrated how to hold the drill, how to engage and release the safety switch. His pelvis twitched forward and he inhaled deeply, then exhaled. Lips brushed skin. A discount was brokered. A deal was negotiated.

The black Prius pulled silently into the garage. A door slammed. Plastic bags brushed each other. The clock ticked 8:10 am. Crackle, crackle, swish. Footsteps on the basement steps.

A single bare light bulb tried to light the damp cavern. The clear plastic lid popped off the sump hole. Inside, nothing but pitch-black space. A faraway drip. A mouse scratched at the door to the bulkhead. A blade glinted in the dim light against the whetstone.

Copyright 2017 Shannon Cooper


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