Dead Leaves Teaser #1

Hey… guess what? In honor of my book’s upcoming birthday, you get to lick the icing off the knife! Each night til Full Release Tuesday I’m posting a teensy piece of each of the six short stories. Nomnomnomnom


Dead leaves covered a face. Dirty ground covered worn, peeling steel-toed work boots. Damp, sandy earth flew into the air with the steady ring of a high hat cymbal; the spade dug into the dirt with a deep thud of a bass drum.

Huff. Puff.

Another face smirked.

Huff puff.

A low grunt.



Puff the Magic Dragon.

Audible snickering.

Huff, puff. Swish, thud.

The face was pale. The lips were blue. Damp hair plastered to a forehead, freckles sparked through.

The body was naked from the waist up and ivory. Lying on the ground, translucent whiteness followed a gradient to blue, then black. Gravity had its ways. Gravity always won.

In the cold autumn air, darkness blanketed the thin forest. Water drops fell from the canopy with each gust of wind.

Huff, puff.

Drops of sweat mingled with the light rain and tears. The detachable cleats on her boots dug into the hard clay, and she ascended from the pit.

Copyright 2017 Shannon Cooper


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