Failing like a CHAMP

Happy Summer, everyone!

I made a chore chart for my kids that looks thusly:

Drink 6 glasses of water (whenever)

Read 2 hours each day (again, whenever)

Brain games (20 minutes of logic puzzles, writing, music-tooting, beatboxing, whatever)

1 hour of exercise

30 minutes of yoga

Oh, and do your chores. If you have any that day.

Apparently, I am a monster.

I don’t have the moolah to send my kids to camp. So I have to have something to fill their days that isn’t Uncle Grandpa or DanTDM or some insane combo thereof.

Today they helped me scout out locations for filming creepy clips for the Dead Leaves book trailer. And then they helped me source parts for a creepy eyeball clock. Unfortunately, eyeballs, human teeth, skin-like pleather, and articulated metatarsals are not a dime a dozen.

HOWEVER. It IS Amazon Prime season, and lo and behold, Amazon DOES have everything we need for our OHMYGAWDWHATTHEHELLISTHAT clock. With free shipping.


So, gentle readers, I may be a monster, but I’m a resourceful one and I’m teaching my kids to do the same. For better or worse.

I like to think Mother Bloggess and Father Wendig would be proud.



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