Bish Heads

Super excited for the release of a new collection of short horror, Dirty Leaves, later this week! Until then, friends, enjoy this commentary on internet personalities.

Sung to the tune of Fish Heads

Fish heads, dish heads

Red and blueish wish heads

Eat lead, you’re dead

Eat them up, yum!

In the morning, flashy, dashy fish heads

In the evening, floating in her soup

One fish, two fish,

Pouting just for you, fish,

Bobbin up, bobbin down

Flashing for the goons

Have a conversation with a fish head

Shut it down with nothing to lose

Fishy, fleshy, no sense in their dish heads

Aiming in the barrel

Shakalaka BOOM!

Snapper, tapper, she’ll turn down for loose change

Trapper, capper,

She’ll turn up for booze

Fish heads, dish heads

Molly dolly bish heads

Begging for an offer

What you got to lose?

Easy, peasy, no sense in her g-string

Twirly, flurry, undercurrent run

Cheap trick, fleet trick, only one trick paycheck

One backseat ride

Eat’er up, yum!

On screen, tail swing, nothing else to see here

You get what you give here

Bottled answers

Algorithm done!




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