Burn the World: Changeable Skies (Volume 2)

Available TODAY July 26!

First 20% free, only $0.99 for the rest!

Really? No, she didn’t. Did he really just…? SO MANY FACEPALMS. This is the novel that will boost your self esteem and make you realize you are not really that bad at adulting. A catfight has gone nuclear, and the friends and family of Fiona Lee have caught her contagious Bad Decision-itis. In an epic display of poor judgment, one of our circle has destroyed his own future, and another may have built a doomed future. As our cast of wild things plays musical partners, the only things hotter than the sex are the tempers in boiling-over Miami!

Look for the Grand Finale! Burn the World: Red Ash, Blue Water (Volume 3) available August 16, pre-order NOW!


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