#31ShortHorrors – DIVE

October 11, 2015


Another fall, a swan-dive leap,

One more purposeful concession

Choices turned to standing orders

Pain dulled in blind obsession.

Steven Davidson, before me

Another kid from round the way

Torn out of your childhood home

Bent and twisted that desperate day.

I knew you well and often, lad,

A first-rate compatriot and friend

You disappeared first from the street

And then your body chose its end.

Nightmare wakened someplace new

Not in bed, on floor, or loo

Brown sugar and ice to wake the bore

Then your body hit the floor.

Now forever young we run

This army gathers up the dead

To save that energy from Else

Eventually rebuild The End.

The war is coming, my old mate

Grim Reapers have singular fates,

Prevent the theft of human crux

Recycle it and save the race.

Ian, Christopher

Isabel, Steven

Our top new recruits are leading

The charge gathering newly dead

The coming plagues and wars and dread

Human kind is teetering

Soon to fall yet skittering

Knowing what will save them yet

They demand to make no move

To save themselves, instead they bet

On future generations’ work

Uninterested, unvested perks

These lazy humans, ungrateful jerks

At any rate, we save their souls

To save the species, regenerate

Smarter experiment, see the data

Humans 3.0 in beta.


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