#31ShortHorrors – COLLAPSE (or: well, hell, the gang’s all here)

October 10, 2015


Who have we here to join us new,

A fresh-faced smiling lady?

It’s so unusual to see

Such joy in those we bade here.

Ah, you’re Isabel of broken heart,

Two sons you lost hard-felt

One fell from disobedience

And the other from his belt.

Quite right then, please sign on this line,

We’ll get your papers sorted.

Christopher’s right over there,

And Ian’s busy morphing.

Notice your kids don’t appear

The same as they did living

What you see is energy

Your memories are serving

Now look here mum

We need your help to organize and lead

This bright young troupe of new Grim Reapers

They’re so eager to please

No sorry, your husband isn’t here

And won’t be for decades

He carried on among those walking

He sings your accolades.

You will have the pleasure

Of escorting him from life

At his appointed exit point

He’ll be relieved to see his wife.

This is the part of our harsh job

That bothers us the least

Reuniting families

Fills our energies with peace.

We hope you have enjoyed your brief

Introduction to this realm

It can be discombobulating

Adjusting to this form.

Once you get accustomed to

Your disembodied essence

I think you will enjoy the freedom

Of empyreal presence.


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