#31ShortHorrors – Drop

October 7, 2015


Not all who fall from cliffs or planes

Or diving boards, or bridges

Will waken before hitting ground

Or hurling into ditches

You may find yourself most terrified

By the very notion

Of hitting terra firma

Before waking from the motion

I assure you though, dear dreamer

Some sleepers just don’t waken

The lucky ones recount nightmares

The rest are ours for training.

Ian Stephenson, awaken

From your six foot fall!

Apologies for that rope burn

Too bad your neck is mauled.

No, you weren’t descending

through a dreamworld flight

Your feet really did touch the ground

With gravity and might!

So happy to have you aboard

Our mission sets adrift

As soon as your co-travelers

Fall from their nightmare cliffs.

A medium did see you,

Your fall was apprehended

But only decades later

Was your exit comprehended.

Leeds and Uni led you here

From Edinburgh’s stains,

Too much, too soon, grown into man

You returned, but few had stayed.

You will not be lonely long,

Your brother follows soon,

The medium has yet to see

Your mum alongside you.

If you’re curious to know

The whereabouts of dad

He’s hanging in, with some new kin

(That pun was very bad.)

We seem callous, we seem too cold

Millenia we’ve been here

Awaiting our new army

Our empathy has smeared.

Now with your arrival

Our preparations met

More falling stars, our nightmare frauds,

No waking saves this set.

Don’t fret, don’t cry, don’t wail or moan

Your purpose is most dear

A war is soon upon us

Our weapon: our engineer.


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