#31ShortHorrors – Zombie Trolls

October 3, 2015

Zombie Trolls

Did you really think

You could die and then arise

Without anyone noticing

Are we all with broken eyes?

Did you really think

You could follow from beyond

That you could spread false rumour

And wreak havoc without bond?

We saw your loved ones live and die

We know who breathes today

We know who should be dead beneath

The daisies from Friday

And yet you persist

Dead and then alive

A wolf in her sheep’s clothing

A truth within a lie.

You cannot give us pause to think

You cannot give us grief

You zombie troll

You petty thief

You steal a moment brief

We know the score

We know your truth

Your scandal owns you both

No Semper Fidelis, pity

You’ve embarrassed those you own.

So take this thought alongside that

Retweet, that lonely unseen “at.”

Our circumstance is yet unknown

Your lie shines bright and lasts.


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