Well, hello, you.

This is a strange blog for strange people. Most of the content here is fictional; some of it is uncomfortable, controversial, and experimental. Once in a while, comical.

In preparation for November’s NaNoWriMo, I started a project called #31ShortHorrors. The idea was to write a short piece for each day in October, and as life happens, I have fallen behind. However, you, dear reader, can see these wee tales right here as they are birthed from the swampy tangled vines of my brain, and comment/share to your little heart’s content.

In the About link of this blog, there’s a link to my Smashwords site – all of that content is free (for now), because I like to create and destroy things, sure, but also? I’ve a giver.

A memo from the Comments Department: Don’t be a dick.

Feel free to nose around, bat the links a bit. Please ping me with broken links or buttons that lead to nowhere and I will address those asap.

Are you ready to get weird?


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